Sexy Server of the Week Isabelle.

Isabelle is a 21-year-old vixen from Fort Meyers Florida, this sexy kitten can be seen serving up the most delicious food at Twin Peaks Fort Meyers.  

How long have you been at Twin Peaks?                                                      

Been at Twin Peaks for about 2 months now.                                 

How do you like it?  

My team @twinpeaks_fortmyers location is Beyond amazing wouldn’t be able to work there without 

What’s one thing you hate about being a server?

The one thing I hate about being a server is that people don’t know how to tip.

  Do you get hit on at work?   

Yasss all the time! 

What’s the worst pickup line a customer has ever given you?  

The worst pick up line at work “Are you a cucumber cause you’re very cute” 😂

What’s the best pickup line a customer has ever given you?

When a customer “tries to hook me up with there kids” 😂

What’s the grosses thing you’ve seen a customer do?

The grossest thing I’ve seen so far Is when they spit in there cup

If I had to live off one menu item what would it be?

I actually have two favs 

The Chicken & Waffles & Mamas pot roast! 

What should a customer tip?

even if the server is shitty you still tip them the accurate amount and then just correct them before you leave & you can always tip more depending on how you feel about your server & if you wanna tip more please do they would love that!